The accounting service fees are indicated excluding VAT

Purchase, sale and write-off documents


1 item – 500 items: 1 document / 3.00 €


1 person – 100 persons: 35.00 € / 1 employee;


(payroll sheets, disbursement sheets, time sheets, employment contracts, employment contracts registration journal, reports to the State Social Insurance Fund Board (SoDra), quarterly reports to SoDra)

All reports (monthly and annual) per month

300 € / month


(value added tax (VAT) declaration, personal income tax (PIT) declaration, advance profit tax declaration, pollution tax declaration, registers of produced and received VAT invoices, annual certificates to inhabitants, annual personal income tax (PIT) declaration, balance sheet, profit and loss statement, explanatory letter, accounting policy, annual profit tax declaration, other declarations)


Payment orders

Car: 25.00 €/ 1 car
(orders, inspection of trip sheets, fuel entering into accounts / write-off statements).
Business trips: 25.00 €/ 1 business trip
(orders, synchronisation with time sheets, accounting of daily allowances)
Intrastat: 90.00 €/1 item
Application for a bank, leasing, factoring: 100.00 €/1 item
Report for shareholders: 70.00 €/1 item

*Prices without PVM